What do the different Lyne types mean?

Learn the differences between No-Touch Lynes and Classic Lynes.

Hans Dekker
Written by Hans DekkerLast update 1 year ago

Knowing what Lyne types to choose can be tricky without knowing which is which. In this article we'll show you some examples of the different Lyne types as well as different use cases & benefits of each option.

Why are there different Lyne types?

Let's start with the why. We've noticed that many of our users loved out output, but simply didn't have the capacity to go through all the icebreakers we generated and check for possible errors.

While we've gotten the error rate of our output down to <5%, with AI there will always be small fixes that need to be made. For users who prefer to (1) automate as much of their work as possible and (2) have more options for personalization, we invented our No-Touch Lynes.

What are No-Touch Lynes?

Our No-Touch Lynes are based on LinkedIn profiles only, meaning that's all the input we need to get started. A quick side note has to be made however, and that is that we're only able to process regular LinkedIn URLs.

So we can process:

✅ "linkedin.com/in/hans-dekker-ramped"

while any of the below variations we can not process:

❌ "linkedin.com/in/hans-dekker-ramped?original_subdomain=uk"

❌ "linkedin.com/in/hans-dekker-ramped?referer=mini_profile_url?..."

❌ "linkedin.com/in/xCvgF54^nK..."

❌ "linkedin.com/sales/...."

With that out of the way, let's dive into what No-Touch Lynes are and what they look like. To get a clear understanding of what the output looks like, this example output sheet right here will give you the best possible preview.

As you can see, there are multiple output columns based on different predetermined variables such as educational background, personal publications, or awards your prospect won.

This allows you to either pick your favorite to use in your campaigns as icebreakers, or use different forms of personalization throughout your entire campaign.

You can start your first email with a {{lyne}}, then add a {ps_1}} to that email for a double-personalized email. Next, add a {{ps_2}} to your first follow-up to show you've really done your research.

No-Touch Lynes are perfect for people who want to:

  • Personalize more than just the intro

  • Run campaigns on auto-pilot without checking Lynes first

  • Have more output to choose from

What are Classic Lynes?

Classic Lynes are our very first product and are what made us famous. These are based on deep research done by our AI-based system where we uncover details on your prospect most people wouldn't be able to find. We're able to look for:

  • Podcast appearances

  • Webinar appearances

  • Articles published

  • Newsletters published

  • Events

  • Company articles

  • Company news

  • Company case studies

  • Company website information

  • LinkedIn profile about sections

These Lyne types are more in-depth than our No-Touch Lynes and are often described as "pure gold" by our users, however they do sometimes require some manual checking.

With artificial intelligence perfection still isn't guaranteed, and while we're getting closer every single day, it is usually best to quickly skim through your results.

To see an example of our Classic Lynes you can refer to this sample output generated by our platform right here.

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