What are E-Commerce Lynes?

Learn all about our newest Lyne type specifically for those who sell to DTC brands

Hans Dekker
Written by Hans DekkerLast update 1 year ago

The E-Commerce space is a competitive one, which is why we at Lyne want to give anyone who sells to DTC brands some additional weapons in their arsenal.

Our e-commerce Lynes are made just for you!

When selected, our A.I. will analyze the e-com store you're reaching out to and scan their products and product categories. Based on that, we'll provide you with a Lyne you can use in your cold outreach.

For example:

"I love that you make everyone in the squad happy with Bridesmaid Dresses under $100. It's so nice to see a company that cares about the happiness of their customers."


"I love that Dl1961 is doing things differently and is changing the way denim is made. It's great that you're doing your part to help the environment."

Use these are intros for your emails, PS sections, or creatively merge them with your existing outreach in a different way.

For more examples have a look at this Sheet right here.

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