My match rate is very low. What's wrong?

This article explains why your match rate might be low and how to get more lynes.

Hans Dekker
Written by Hans DekkerLast update 1 year ago

Your match rate can be low for a few reasons:

  • Not enough data provided

    • no website or domain

  • Incorrect data

    • using personal emails (gmails, etc) instead of work emails

    • giving Sales Navigator links instead of standard personal LinkedIn URL

  • Target prospects are in an offline industry

    • for some industries, both prospects and their companies have a very limited digital presence, which can make it difficult to find high-quality data, or any data at all

  • Not enough data sources were turned on

    • If you turn off all of the data sources except for, say, Case Studies or Recent News or Personal LinkedIn, then you will likely get a lower match rate, since these types of data are not available for every company. The availability of a certain data type for your prospects will also vary by industry and company size.

How to increase your match rate:

  • Upload as many of these as you can

    • Personal LinkedIn URL

    • Work Email

    • Company Name

    • Domain

  • Ensure you have websites or work emails for all of your prospects

    • if you have only LinkedIn URLs, or if you have personal emails instead of work emails, and want to enrich these missing fields, check out this article

    • Make sure you are not using personal emails (gmail, yahoo, etc)

  • Change your Advanced Settings

    • If you would like to have a higher number of LinkedIn, you can also turn the quality strictness down. You can do this by turning “Off” the “Avoid generic output” setting when you upload your file. This will increase the overall output you get from LinkedIn, but we will be less strict in our quality checks and you may get more generic output.

    • Click here to see a full tutorial of our advanced settings.

  • Allow more data sources

    • If you are getting a low match rate and you only have one or two of the sources turned on, try turning on more of them to increase your match rate.

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