My list got stuck, what should I do?

Did your list not finish for more than 3 hours after its ETA?

Hans Dekker
Written by Hans DekkerLast update 1 year ago

Here's how to fix it & stop it from happening again

Did your list get stuck? Clear the list and reupload. You can do so by clicking the menu icon on the list and clicking "delete".

Before reuploading, doing the following should prevent this from happening again:

1. Bulk remove any special characters (parentheses, /, \, &, ‘, “, ; , commas, and any unknown characters ) from first name, last name, job title, and company name fields —— this should be the fastest way to fix whatever was causing the issue.

2. Make sure all fields are properly mapped.

3. You could also choose not to upload first name, last name, and job title, and company name, but this could hurt your match rate for Personal Content and Recent News.

My list is finished but I want to delete it

Did your list finish? Then you'll still be charged credits for the output, even if you delete your list.

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