How do credits work? What do I get billed for?

This article helps customers understand exactly what they get charged for.

Hans Dekker
Written by Hans DekkerLast update 1 year ago only bills for lynes generated, not the number of prospects you upload.

1 credit = 1 successfully generated intro lyne

For example, if you upload 100 prospects, and only 30 receive lynes, you will only be deducted 30 credits. If you have no credits and have a payment method attached, then you will be billed 30 x the pay-as-you-go rate.

When you purchase a plan, credits are added to your account upon each month's payment. When you run scans, credits are deducted. If you run out of credits, you will be charged at our pay-as-you-go rate, unless you decide to renew your plan early. To do so, simply let us know in chat.

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